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Two Day Targeted Housekeeping Program


A focused two day course tailored for instruction of elementary tasks within a private home. Led by Mr. Andrew Lowrey and non prescription zithromax set in a beautiful Queen Anne row house, more about students will hone their skills via lecture and practical hands-on instruction. The course is designed to provide a novice with proper technique while allowing seasoned staff to master their craft in the cleaning and care of large households.Each student will receive a copy of the housekeeping & laundry workbook from the academy with color drawings. Covered material includes, approved but is not limited to:


DAY ONE: 9am-4pm

• Personal Hygiene & Sanitation
• The difference between housekeeping, buy housecleaning & deep cleaning
• Cleaning tools required for the house of today
• Different types of vacuums and what type is best used on which surface
• Chemical and non-chemical cleaning products
• Preparing daily cleaning and specialty caddy’s based on the special projects at hand
• The effects of heat, light & humidity on household interiors
• Best practices, techniques and “How to’s” of the trade
• Rooms to be covered include bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens
• Proper care of specialty surfaces such as wood cabinetry, stainless steel, ceramic, shower doors and cheapest price viagra blinds
• Handling and dusting of delicate and ordinary surfaces, using techniques perfected for use in notable galleries such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Louvre and Buckingham Palace
• Caring for antiques, art, books, drapery, sculptures, painted and wallpapered walls, chandeliers and rugs
• Perfection of the 3-sheet method bed and turndown
• Proper time management and female viagra sale task adherence



DAY TWO: 9am-4pm

• Starting laundry class with understanding clothing/laundry labels and what do they mean?
• How to correctly sort laundry for the wash
• Folding methods
• Best practices for stain removal
• Top and front loading washers and what can be cleaned in each type respectively
• Ironing temperatures and techniques based on different fabrics
• Hand care of cashmere
• Presentation to meal/place setting including proper use of the “Butler Stick”

Successful completion and evaluation will result in a certificate as per our governance. The Belvidere Academy is the only traveling program in North America to offer this certificate.

In late 2014 we will be announcing our full week housekeeping program. Some of the finest experts in their field shall be on hand to bring their knowledge and expertise to you. Training will be conducted in two separate locations to give students the feel of what challenges they may encounter cleaning and running a large home.



Total Cost: $600 USD (Includes lunch both days)

DEMA members will receive a $50 discount