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By Shawn Hale

Estate Manager – Miami, FL

On 27, Feb 2017 | No Comments | In JOB LISTING | By Shawn Hale

Estate Manager – Miami Beach, FL
Sakary: NEG Based on Experience

This Estate Manager is a full-time position primarily responsible for successful estate operations through: oversight of residences, facilities and cialis canada online pharmacy property; management, mentorship and leadership supporting full and part-time domestic staff and vendors; planning dinners, banquets, special events and on-site activities; ensuring fulfillment of all service, maintenance, testing, design, logistics, support, installation & construction requirements for the owner; teaming with security, yacht crew and enterprise-wide partners to foster mutual relationships, collaboration, improvements and efficiencies; mastering budget planning & reporting, with adherence to established PO systems and buy cheap generic cialis chain approvals; manpower recruiting, hiring, scheduling and reviews; emergency response planning & preparedness. Position requires a high degree of autonomy, responsibility, ethics and confidentiality. Flexibility required for weekends & holidays, with a 24/7 mentality when necessary. Reports to managing office located remotely.

Essential Functions:

Ability to work in a hands on manner to ensure smooth and effective operations
Oversee, direct, and manage staff, operations, and vendors
Proper documentation supporting all expectations, functions, accomplishments or failures
Ability to effectively report-write incidents and events
Maintain guest & vendor schedule, logs & reports
Arrange transportation, event access for owner, guests, clients
Effectively mentor and manage staff, schedule, records-keep
Daily walk through of residence to ensure that all systems are functioning properly
Maintain security systems, test and response
Maintain, repair and price for generic viagra service estate vehicles
Provide hospitality and attend to guests, as necessary
Manage estate household schedules and calendars
Work with on-site yacht crew to ensure seamless guest services
Plan, organize, coordinate and effect special events
Arrange appointments for personal needs of guests or owner, as required
Manage, reconcile, report and maximize estate budget, expenditures, allocations and assets

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Great social and management skills
Leadership, mentorship and motivational skills
Solution-oriented & problem solving attitude
Proactive thinker
Can do attitude, no job is too big or too small mentality
Proactive, resourceful, self starter, organized, service-focused, professional, respectful and capable of maintaining discretion
Must be experienced, professional, organized and service oriented.
Highly organized, detail oriented, proactive, excellent time management, efficient and service focused
Attentive to principals’ preferences
Ability to maintain discretion (confidentiality agreement is required)
Ability to be discreet with respect for employer’s privacy
Professional presentation and outgoing personality
Strong organizational ability to present projects, budgets, lists, bids, etc. to principal and other reports
Ability to develop and maintain teaming relationships with enterprise partners
Ability to easily take direction
Strong ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently with principal and household staff
Responsible for running errands and performing necessary tasks (e.g., shopping for home supplies)
Responsible for all projects and handling matters about the property (e.g., receiving deliveries, service providers,
contractors, organizational projects, answering phone calls, sending emails, etc.)
Strong technology skills and experience working with Macintosh
Positive attitude and ability to handle residences and staff with ease and calm demeanor

Position Requirements
Bachelor’s degree preferred
Relevant & appropriate experience in estate or hospitality services management with independent references from related-services managers
Must have resume and ability to provide letters of reference
Must have clean criminal record
Must be US Citizen or registered to work in US
Must have clean driving record with valid US drivers license

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