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By Shawn Hale

Executive Housekeeper – Potomac MD

On 01, Sep 2016 | No Comments | In FILLED POSITIONS | By Shawn Hale

Executive Housekeeper – Potomac, buy MD / Bethany, sildenafil DE

Salary: NEG Based on experience w/ benefits 

This position is based in Potomac, medical MD with secondary properties in Bethany Beach, DE, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Potomac is the primary residence and viagra without a prescription canada encompasses at least 95% of the role.

Essential Functions:

• Coordinate with Estate Manager for oversight of all housekeeping staff & scheduling for all properties

• Ensuring all housekeeping staff are outfitted and operating appropriately
• Weekly shopping and maintenance of inventory for kitchen and pantry. Occasional light meal preparation.

• Hands on responsibility for cleanliness and organization of the kitchen, family room, a portion of the main floor of the main residence

• Oversight of the organization of the master closet and insure that items are returned to their appropriate location.
• Keeping master inventory of each property’s bed linens, towels, beach towels, blankets, quilts etc. while paying special note to each residence’s different brands, colors & styles
• Assist the Estate Manager with ordering and distribution among properties of all housekeeping equipment, vacuums, irons, cleaning, and laundry supplies; ensuring all housekeeping products are consistent up to par; savvy and cost—conscious: ordering bulk when possible
• Inspection of all linens and towels regularly making note when items need to be replaced or are damaged and continuously updating inventory levels
• Ensuring all cleaning equipment & housekeeping tools are maintained and in good working order and are being properly cared for
• Creating daily, weekly, and monthly housekeeping side-work checklists and confirming by personally inspecting that each task is being completed
• Ensuring all housekeeping storage areas are clean and organized and shelves are clearly labeled
• Inspecting cleanliness of residences from top to bottom, basement to roof; inspecting all residence’s furniture, carpets, upholstery, floors, blinds, windows, curtains etc. and reporting any damage or concerns / issues to the Estate Manger
• Checking consistency of guest rooms on all properties; ensuring all guest room items, specific to each property, are present and up to par, inclusive of tissue holders, flashlights, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Fluent in English with exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
• Minimum 7 – 10+ years of related professional experience working in a high level private home in a similar role or capacity
• Excellent references required from both current and previous employers
• Experience with museum quality cleaning and care for: antiques, silver, fine art, etc.; excellent knowledge of inventory & household stock level control and reordering
• Willingness and ability to work closely with the other domestic staff as needed to coordinate & complete household tasks
• Ability to provide expert overall direction, coordinate multiple property housekeeping schedules
• Must possess a “hands-on management style – ability to work with a team mentality, keep good morale & maintain good working relationship with all staff, vendors, and principals
• Excellent time management, organization & communication skills; must pay extreme attention to detail
• Flexibility and willingness to work long hours and go above and beyond the call of duty

• Proactive and creative problem solver – must maintain a “sense of urgency” and be able to anticipate needs before they arise; must remain calm and measured under pressure and work well in high-stress environments
• Strong knowledge of Mac/PC operating systems, and smart home systems
• Active, hungry and able to move about an expansive home with ease and agility
• Valid Driver’s License; confident driver and willing to travel, work weekends & holidays when needed
• Legally able to work in the United States

Please contact Precise Home Management at 410-659-9200 or  for more information.

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