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Precise Home Management’s services include the search and viagra without a prescription placement of domestic management and staff including butlers, viagra dosage chefs, page estate managers, personal assistants, nannies and housekeepers. Other services include staff training tailored to suit individual household needs and customized manuals and directories.


Professional Placement

Precise Home Management recognizes that the search and placement of suitable domestic staff and household personnel is very time consuming. PHM conducts this search – freeing you the time to enjoy your family, your friends and your home.

First, a Precise Home Management representative will meet with you to assess your domestic needs and requirements to ensure a proper match. With your information gathered, PHM will initiate the search. To achieve a compatible and buy cheap viagra competent match, the process may take a few weeks to a few months. PHM will conduct interviews to screen only preferred, potential domestic staff candidates before introducing them to you.

Prior to the commencement of employment with your family, Precise Home Management will employ the services of an independent investigative firm to conduct background checks on the selected candidates. These include: Statewide Criminal, Motor Vehicle and Consumer Credit Record Reports.

Finally, after you have made your decision, Precise Home Management takes the additional step to assure the transition of your new domestic staff member flows smoothly. PHM will make arrangements to integrate them into your home by scripting routines and schedules for them to follow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Precise Home Management will also be available for questions and mediation during this adjustment period.

Precise Home Management is more than a Domestic Staffing Agency. We not only source your new domestic employee but ensure they are absolutely right for you and your household.

Personal Training

Precise Home Management specializes in training domestic staff and personnel. It is our belief that with the proper hands-on training new and existing domestic help and household staff will become and remain a complimentary asset to your home.

While you may be satisfied with your existing household personnel’s abilities, there may be areas where you feel they would benefit from additional, focused domestic staff training and assistance courtesy of PHM.

As some Clients would rather not confront their domestic staff with every minor detail, they would still care for these details to be resolved. PHM will act as mediator and training instructor to ensure that all points and problems are brought to the household personnel’s attention. We aim for your domestic staff to improve.

Examples of Training and Help Topics you may consider:

  • Proper handling and cleaning care of antiques and valuables
  • Closet management and arrangement
  • Packing a suitcase for travel or the care of clothes
  • How to handle trades people working in your home or on the grounds
  • Proper etiquette while inside your home and off premises
  • Technique for answering the telephone, taking messages and receiving guests
  • Serving light refreshments or gourmet dinners
  • Proper table settings for different occasions
  • Menu planning, including shopping tips for foods and wines
  • Fire and security points, procedures and prevention
  • Minor household disaster remedies

Our staff training is based solely on your domestic staff needs and may be tailored to suit you and your household. Training help is subject to our Hourly Rate and allows for more than one household personnel’s attendance – provided we can coordinate their training simultaneously.
Customized Manuals and Directories