Service is in Our DNA

Exceptional Service as Your Trusted Advisors is Our Commitment to You

Placing just the right staff to take care of your unique household needs is just a starting point. When you work with Precise Home Management, you receive our 100% investment in the ongoing success of our relationship with you. This is why we’ve earned the honor of serving thousands of discerning clients worldwide since 1998.

Your Peace of Mind is Priceless

From our 20+ years at the forefront of the domestic staffing industry, we know firsthand how critical it is to place precisely the right person in a given household, and a particular position. We also know that things change and challenges arise for both clients and candidates alike. This is why we assume the position not only as placement specialists, but also as trusted advisors who are there for you over time.

When you work with Precise Home Management, you get the benefit of our proprietary, hands-on process where we first get to know and understand our clients’ home environment, requirements and wishes, inside and out. In fact, we are so dedicated to understanding the nuances that we offer a fully complimentary initial in-home consultation. Similarly, we meet face-to-face, in person or via video conferencing, with each and every candidate to accurately assess tangibles, like experience and skills, and intangibles, including personality and value system. By cultivating a deep, firsthand knowledge of both parties, we are able to present best case scenarios for long-term success, every time.

Because we work with some of the world’s premier estates and private households, we maintain the highest standards possible when it comes to discretion, privacy and security. In addition to the necessary background checks, we elevate our services to detailed background investigation using the independent firm, Verify Vetting Solutions. They perform very extensive character and integrity interviews for ironclad results that ensure candidates have a pristine record with no hidden criminal activity or derogatory behavior.

We’re Committed to Your Long-Term Household Staffing Success

We work hard — long past the initial placement — to continually earn your trust in all matters related to your domestic staff. For example, we are happy to offer our counsel, free of charge, when it comes to performance evaluations and salary increases at any time during a staff member’s employment. We also share how to maintain fruitful working relationships over time, with suggestions for 401K or other benefit programs that can help incentivize and support employee retention and loyalty. And if and when it’s time to go your separate ways, we help you and your employees create civil outcomes that make that transition as easy as possible.

Our ultimate commitment to you is enduring, top quality service you can count on. Please contact us anytime about your domestic staffing needs.