Christofle a Top Choice Luxury Brand Among Domestic Estate Managers and Home Owners

As purveyors of the finest silver products money can buy – as well as other fine pieces such as stainless steel and porcelain ones – countless domestic estate managers and home owners take pride in using Christofle. Exquisitely designed in order to compliment only those homes with the most refined taste, Christofle offers a wide selection of products to choose from. It’s no wonder the Domestic Estate Management Convention is proud to have the distinguished pleasure of enjoying Christofle as an annual sponsor.

Christofle is an obvious top choice for many agencies such as Precise Home Management – whose founder Andrew Lowrey was, in fact, the 2013 recipient for Domestic Estate Management Convention’s “Agency of the Year” award. As a domestic staffing agency and consultancy that helps place home help such as butlers at appropriate residences, Precise Home Management knows the level of quality clients demand. Fulfilling Precise Home Management’s mission of providing the top estate management services available anywhere is made easier through the privilege of utilizing Christofle’s fine products. Precise Home Management’s Andrew Lowrey eloquently articulated this point when he shared: “The goal at Precise Home is not simply to meet but also to set the standards. By being able to utilize the excellence that is Christofle, I have had the pleasure of setting fine tables in palaces and on yachts that exceed 350 ft. and to watch these tables come alive with such beautiful silver is music to my ear.”