We Place Top-Quality Help in Washington DC’s Premier Homes & Estates

For more than two decades from our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we’ve been entrusted by leading families to find just the right help to seamlessly run their busy households.
When it comes to domestic staffing for the politicians, foreign dignitaries, titans of industry and other elite households who make their home in our nation’s capital and its surrounding areas, Precise Home Management has for more than two decades been the leading agency for exceptional placements. Our Principal, Andrew Lowrey, is known by high-ranking embassy officials as the go-to authority on international etiquette and proper household techniques. With his unique, world-class experience and characteristic warmth, Andrew offers clients in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and beyond an unparalleled level of expertise both as a trusted advisor and also as a leading authority in domestic service.
Thanks to our global presence and flair, not to mention Andrew’s more than 30-year experience in private service that has included serving royalty and elite dignitaries worldwide, we are uniquely qualified to place discreet, culturally sensitive, hardworking staff at all levels to maintain and run your household. We understand the nuances and demands of our cosmopolitan, upwardly mobile Washingtonian clients, who are often in public service and/or in the public eye.

Andrew’s extensive database includes leading contacts for top-notch candidates for key estate and household positions and premier international vendors and suppliers. Plus his rich, firsthand knowledge of the particular needs of DC-area residences and estates allows us to quickly and efficiently staff your household to suit all your needs, from privacy and security for your family to the perfect setting for upscale entertaining.

For those who have primary residences elsewhere and/or are on a limited time placement in the Washington, DC area, we are here to help you in customizing a flexible and responsive domestic staffing situation that works best for you.

We proudly serve clients worldwide, and we are happy to provide end-to-end domestic staffing coverage for your household continuity, as well as for your convenience and comfort. As your trusted advisor, we’re invested in your residential staffing success whether you have multiple estates in other states or countries, or if the Washington DC area is your primary residence.

Andrew Lowrey

Andrew Lowrey


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Our domestic staffing placements include, but are not limited to, the following prestigious communities throughout the Washington DC area, including Virginia and Maryland:

Washington DC

Chevy Chase
Friendship Heights




Great Falls
North Arlington

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