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Service Agreement


Thank you for your interest in Precise Home Management. It is always a pleasure to extend our services to busy people like yourself. The following pages contained in this information packet explain the many different services we provide along with prices and fees. All information supplied is held in the strictest of confidence between the Client and Precise Home Management and shall not be released to anyone.

PHM realizes that with today’s full schedules, many professionals and active homeowners can become overwhelmed and lose sight of the day-to-day management of their homes. Allowing the most trivial of details to go neglected, let alone the major ones, can be very frustrating and costly when running a large home, grand estate, or private yacht.

The goal of PHM is to set and meet the standards of satisfaction that you have come to expect from your household personnel. It is our commitment to take the time to get to know you and understand your specific needs and preferences. Whether it is training your existing household personnel or placing someone new, PHM works with them on a one-to-one basis so that you are pleased with their performance. With finely tuned daily routines and schedules in place or a customized Household Manual or Household Directory, you will be assured the comfort and pleasure of experiencing the uninterrupted operation of your household – allowing you the “peace-of-mind” you deserve.

Please give us a call at (410) 659-9200 so we may further elaborate on our services and how we may fulfill your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to be

. . . A T   Y O U R   S E R V I C E. 

Warm regards,

Andrew Lowrey  


The role of Precise Home Management is to deliver the services as outlined and agreed upon by you, the Client, and PHM as stated in the service agreement. The amount of time needed to perform services will vary from household to household. PHM is a hired consultant whose obligations are concluded once services have been completed for the Client. PHM is not an employee of the Client.

Should there be any problem with any service or household personnel provided by PHM, it is the Client’s responsibility or that of their assigned representative to contact PHM and have the issues resolved within the allotted timeframe. Services required beyond the contracted timeframe will be subject to the Hourly Rate.

We find it is very important that our clients understand the services provided by PHM and our role within their household. If you have any questions or concerns prior to our meeting, please make note of these or call us at any time, 410-659-9200. It would be our pleasure to answer these for you.

Precise Home Management recognizes the search and placement of suitable household personnel for your home can be very time consuming. The following explains how PHM conducts the search – freeing you the time to enjoy your family, your friends, and your home.

First, a PHM representative will discuss and assess your needs and requirements to insure a proper match. With your information gathered, PHM will begin the search. To achieve a compatible and competent match, the process may take a few weeks to a few months. Next, PHM conducts interviews to screen only preferred, potential candidates before introducing them to you.

PHM will also assist you, the Client, in negotiating employment terms, i.e., written description of duties and responsibilities, salary, start date, daily routines and expectations, days off, vacations and benefits. The Client understands that household personnel placed in their home are their employees and should not be mistaken as employees of PHM. The Client is responsible to the IRS for all tax obligations which may arise out of business relationships between the Client and household personnel presented by PHM. It is the recommendation of PHM that the Client seek the advice of their tax professional concerning tax payment, payment structure, benefits, etc.

Prior to commencement of employment with the Client, PHM will employ the services of an independent investigative firm to conduct the following background checks on the selected household personnel: Multi State (National) criminal database search, Social Security Number Trace, Nationwide Sex Offender Search, OFAC Patriot Act Search, Motor Vehicle and Consumer Credit Record (when applies). Along with the required background checks, PHM has added a very important service to our placement process. Because background checks are not sufficient enough to help ensure the safety of you and your family, we employ the services of Verify Vetting Solutions. Verify Vetting Solutions performs very extensive character & integrity interviews, which determines undetected criminal and derogatory behavior.

Finally, after you have made your decision, PHM takes one step further to assure the transition of new household personnel flows smoothly. PHM will make arrangements to integrate them into your home by writing routines and schedules for them to follow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis at an agreed upon rate. PHM will also be available for questions and mediation by appointment.

It is the belief of Precise Home Management that with the proper hands-on training, new and existing household personnel will become a complimentary asset to your home. While you may be satisfied with your existing household personnel’s abilities, there may be areas where you feel they would benefit from additional instruction by PHM. While some Clients would rather not confront their household personnel with every minor detail, they would still like them resolved. PHM will act as mediator, as well as instructor, to ensure that all points and problems are brought to the household personnel’s attention. Examples of some training topics you may consider:
  • General cleaning procedures
  • Proper handling and cleaning care of antiques and valuables
  • Closet management and arrangement – care of clothes
  • Packing a suitcase for travel
  • How to handle trades people while working in your home or on the grounds
  • Proper etiquette while inside your home and off the premises
  • Proper technique for answering the telephone and taking messages
  • How to answer the door and receive guests
  • Serving light refreshments or gourmet dinners
  • Proper table settings for different occasions
  • Fire and security points, procedures, and prevention
  • Shopping tips for foods and wines – which stores to use
  • Menu planning
  • Basic knowledge of wines and champagnes
  • Minor household disaster remedies
Training is based solely on your household personnel’s needs and can be tailored to suit you and your household. Training is subject to the Hourly Rate and allows for more than one household personnel’s attendance – provided we can coordinate their training simultaneously.

The Customized Household Manual is a pictorial guide of your home that has been designed and laid out with your preferences and needs in mind. With such a beneficial and accurate tool at your household personnel’s fingertips, it will insure there is no mistaking or second-guessing how you wish daily tasks to be carried out by them.

After meeting with a PHM representative, together you will walk through your home to determine the number of rooms that will be included in your Household Manual. Certain aspects of every room to be included in the manual will be photographed to show the proper arrangement and display of furniture and items after they have been moved for cleaning or any other reason.

For example:
The exact arrangement of cushions on a sofa, bed or the exact placement of books, crystal, and other items on a shelf after cleaning.

Along with documenting each room with photographs, a description of what has to be done, how it should be done, what cleaning products should be used, etc. are noted for each photo. Once all information and photos have been collected, it is compiled in a personalized, handsome, leather-bound book to be referred to by the household personnel. You will also
receive a digital copy for your records.

Once your Household Manual is finished, its benefits will be ongoing. The reference it provides reduces time training new household personnel and eliminates questioning from existing household personnel on how you wish your home to be presented.


The Customized Household Directory is a customized compilation of personal requirements, needs, preferences and favorites for you, your family, and your home. With such a beneficial tool, it will allow you and your household personnel the convenient access to accurate personal and household information at one’s fingertips in the event of an emergency or as a reference aide.

For example:
Important personal information such as birth dates, sizes, favorites and preferences, personal service providers, doctors, travel information, passport information, guest information, etc.

Important household information such as household personnel’s personal information, household service providers, trades people, preventative maintenance procedures, pet information, veterinarians, security procedures, cleaning routines, household personnel schedules, laundry preferences, entertainment preferences, menus, caterers, etc.

After meeting with a PHM representative, together you will choose the information categories you would like included in your Household Directory. Once all information has been collected, it is compiled in a personalized, handsome, leather-bound book. You will also receive a digital copy for your records.

You will find your Household Directory’s reference quite beneficial for you or your household personnel when (to name a few):

  • Following the necessary packing list, you require for travel
  • Checking the guest information and preferences list prior to a guest’s visit
  • Household personnel can arrange appointments for doctors, hairdressers, or veterinarians while you are out of town
  • You may refer to the entertainment section to view the menu, guest list, China pattern or jewelry you wore at your last dinner party

While you may not want access of certain sections to everyone, you can remove these and have them kept in a more secure location. The Household Directory has many uses and provides you with the reassurance of knowing all your most valuable information is collected in one book.


Household Personnel Search and Placement:
Upon hiring a qualified candidate presented by PHM, the Client agrees to pay PHM the equivalent of 25% of the household personnel’s first year annual salary defined as taxable income.

There is a $1,500 non-refundable fee for the retention of placement services. This fee will be collected for each new position request and the search will commence upon receipt of this fee. The fee initiates consultation, up-front costs, advertising, and confirms our Client/PHM relationship. Should a successful placement be made, this retainer will be deducted from the Client’s fee.

Part-Time Placement:
Since the search, placement, and training process for part-time personnel (less than 25 hours per week) requires as much time and effort as full-time personnel, our fee will be based on a household personnel’s minimum annual salary of $20,000 (x 25% = $5,000 minimum placement fee). This will ensure suitable compensation in the event the employee is made full-time within the first year of their employment.

Temporary Help:
Some positions may require a more hands-on trial period, such as a Chef or Nanny. If the Client wishes and the applicant agree, a week’s trial can be arranged to get a better feel for their talents. In such cases, compensation will be predetermined by both parties.

Hourly Rates:
Some of the services provided by PHM are not based on a set fee due to variations in the needs of each Client. For those instances, an Hourly Rate of $225 is applied to fairly justify the differences each household may require. Some additional services are as follows:

  • Home/Office organization
  • Closet management (Seasonal changes)
  • Shopping
  • Serving guests
  • Deliveries
  • Special events planning – parties, holidays, etc.
  • Product or outside service cost analysis
  • Locating and acquiring the services of trades people

Training of Staff:
While you may be satisfied with your existing household personnel’s abilities, there may be areas where you feel they would benefit from additional instruction by PHM. Fees are based on an estimate according to the Client’s needs and the number of personnel to be trained.

Household Manual Rates:
While no two homes are alike, neither are any two Household Manuals. The work is based on the Hourly Rate – an estimation can be calculated to give you an idea of the price of your manual. Price is influenced by the size of your home and the number of rooms to be included. Once an estimate is accepted, PHM requires a deposit of 50% to start and complete the manual.

Modifications to your manual may be made up to thirty (30) days after it has been presented to you for your approval. After this, any modifications you wish to have made will be subject to the Hourly Rate.

Household Directory Rates:
The Household Directory’s price varies on the amount of information you wish to include. Again, while each Client’s needs differ, so will the cost per directory. The work is based on the Hourly Rate and an estimation can be calculated to give you an idea of the price of your directory. Once an estimate is accepted, PHM requires a deposit of 50% to start and complete the manual.

Modifications to your directory may be made up to thirty (30) days after it has been presented to you for your approval. After this, any modifications you wish to have made will be subject to the Hourly Rate.

Client Purchases:
In order to defer interest and services charges incurred on purchases made on a client’s behalf, either for household or personal items, reservations, etc., PHM will add a 15% administrative fee.

Additional Expenses:
When a meeting occurs in locations other than our offices in the Baltimore, Maryland or the Orlando, Florida areas at the Client’s request, all travel, lodging, meals and arrangement costs are borne by the Client. Overnight mail cost, when incurred at the Client’s request, are also the Client’s responsibility