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Your Sense of Duty


It’s easy to get lost in the daily maelstrom of the “me-first” movement that has existed since time immemorial. Modern trends like “quiet-quitting,” and “ghosting” are common fixtures in the workplace and not necessarily owned by a specific generation. Who can blame them? Employers of all sizes aren’t winning humanitarian awards for compensation, parental leave, paid time off, or understanding the life part of the work/life balance. But before you start another online shopping marathon or decide to print all of your emails for posterity on the company dime, consider this. It’s possible to have a fulfilling career and personal life when you focus on your duty.

What is Duty?

According to, duty means; “Something that one is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation. The binding or obligatory force of something that is morally or legally right; a moral or legal obligation. An action or task required by a person’s position or occupation.” An easy rebuttal could be, “Sure, but what does it pay?” Or, “Even people in uniform get loose with their duty.” All understandable. But the best example of duty can be found in the recently passed Queen Elizabeth II, a modern pillar of duty in every sense.

The Late Queen Elizabeth II

As described in a recent article from City Journal“When she was 21, she swore that she would devote her life to doing her duty, the duty thrust upon her by accident of birth, and no one could say, three-quarters of a century later, that she had not kept her vow. She was still performing her duty a few days before her death at 96. There must surely be very few examples of such single-minded dutifulness in contemporary history. That is why she maintained her popularity from the moment she ascended the throne to the day of her death. Her conduct was as modest as her position was exalted. She never made the mistake of thinking that she was an interesting or remarkable person in herself and thereby became remarkable.” Elizabeth’s personal life was writ large across British tabloids as expected in public life. But despite this scrutiny, her duty kept her working for the monarchy, a position she knew was larger than her daily life. Here, her duty was both moral and legal. There were rich rewards, but few could argue it was a cakewalk. 

Personal Duty

When working in service as a private service professional, the first choice you make in a new job is how to face it. Is this new position another gig, or is it a privileged duty? Those who decide their work is a moral duty to themselves and the family they serve last longest as private service professionals. Working with a sense of duty is often misconstrued as indentured servitude, where what you think doesn’t matter. It is absolutely the opposite. Working with a sense of personal duty demonstrates your dedication as a professional, reflected in the quality and consistency of your work.

Top-Tier Professionals

Some of us will be lucky to experience someone dedicated to duty. Maybe your first experience was with a teacher who wouldn’t give up or a colleague who went above and beyond and ensured you were okay. Perhaps it was a parent or grandparent who elevated the needs of others. You’d never regard them as indentured servants but as people who had a sense of commitment to their roles for those around them. Now picture working with a small army of similarly dedicated people. What would your work week be like if, at every turn, the things you needed to do your job were in place? Enjoying your work with a sense of duty elevates your fulfillment and the quality of service to your employer. Of course, this type of dedication has rewards that a quiet-quitting or ghosting mindset can never realize.

Who Will You Be?

When you work with a sense of duty, you open yourself to a feeling of fulfillment that no amount of money can deliver. But when you work in service, you can enjoy the honor of your duty and financial rewards regular jobs don’t offer. So why not explore how performing at your best can provide you with a lifestyle others only wish they had? It all begins with a sense of duty—a duty to yourself as a professional and a duty to the family you serve. Be a part of something bigger.

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