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Estate Manager

Your Estate Manager is the key individual in charge of a large property and/or multiple properties and is ultimately responsible for the flawless running of your property (properties), including managing all household managers and staff (hiring, training, oversight, firing) and establishing household documents, such as your Household Manual and Household Directory.
The ideal candidate for this detail-oriented job should have a high-level of education, household management certification and/or a background working in various domestic staffing roles in the private service field.


  • Manage all estate staff (i.e. hire, train, supervise, fire as needed)
  • Create and reinforce household procedures, standards and associated manual(s)
  • Manage large projects, purchases and renovations
  • Oversight of all estate areas including interior domestic staffing, facilities/grounds, security, etc.
  • Prepare budgets and accounts for approval by Chief of Staff