I tasked Andrew Lowrey, owner of Precise Home Management, to find a domestic couple for my family and home last year.
I had a very specific list of demands that included qualifications, personality and expectations that my family needed from the positions.
This was my first experience I had used Andrew, or any other type of recruiting services for that matter, so I was bit skeptical before I met with him if my demands would be met or even listened to when searching for candidates. However, from my first meeting with Andrew it was apparent to me that he had my family’s best interest at heart. He was excellent with his communication and follow-up and really listened to all the qualities I wanted in someone that would be working in my house on a day-to-day basis.
Andrew was able to present me with several qualified candidate couples to choose from and I knew each one had been vetted and background cleared by him. Andrew walked my family through the whole process of finding to hiring and even helped me with interviewing of prospective candidates. I cannot stress how pleased I was with his professionalism and his manner throughout the process.
Even before we had selected and hired our new couple, Andrew actually watched my house for a weekend while my family was out of town and we were in transition to a new team. I think this truly showed his dedication to my family and how much he places clients needs above all else. The couple we hired from Andrew’s service are still with us a year later and we could not be more pleased! Andrew still checks in on a monthly basis to make sure my family’s needs are being met.
I would recommend his service to anyone in need of an employee that will be working in your home. Before I consulted with him I felt as though finding and hiring someone that would meet the needs of my family would be impossible. He made the process less intimidating and catered to all my trepidations and wants. Without him we may have still be searching!

Cindy Galli
Reisterstown, Maryland


I live in the Sherwood Mansion of Sherwood Gardens in the Guilford area of Baltimore a 23-room monument to 19th century architecture. I have a family of 6 and entertain extensively. Also included on the grounds are a large pool, pool house and several acres requiring very precise maintenance and grooming because of extensive and various growth.
My family and I have enjoyed living here for the past 15 vears, however it is only until recently that we have thoroughly enjoyed occupying this beautiful home. Precise Home Management has been totally responsible for this transformation consisting of re-staffing, replacing various vendors, such as housekeeping, landscape architectures, maintenance and cost effective practices to make the house more efficient while saving money. They were successful in locating and hiring my chauffeur and valet. My wife is very involved with running the family while I am involved in several large businesses. In spite of that, we are able to find time to run the household now that PHM has provided their services to us.
Andrew has allowed us to divert our attention to more enjoyable things. In addition to being very effective, his attitude has been very positive as he very much enjoys his work. He is anxious to build his business and are fortunate enough to have the resources. He has also been very helpful in planning and staffing parties and other functions that we have hosted. Certainly we have given PHM many occasions to demonstrate their talents and they have unfailingly completed the task to which they were assigned.
I commend PHM’s services and recommend your consideration to utilize their services for your home as well.
Louis Nicholas, CEO

Supporting Our Clients & Candidates Through the Recruitment Process in These Exceptional Times

We hope that everyone is keeping safe and well, and adjusting to the challenging new way of life we now find ourselves in.
We wanted to assure our clients and candidates that we remain open for business, with appropriate adjustments to our working practices, to ensure that we’re able to deliver the same high level of service to our clients and candidates.

We are currently representing some superb new candidates who are looking for their next opportunity. Given the current ‘new norm’ where safety is paramount, we are now carrying out all interviews and meetings via video calls, and are undertaking COVID-19 due diligence before our candidates start new roles, for a little extra peace of mind.
For all roles, it’s important that they are followed to ensure everyone’s safety. We have candidates who are able to self-isolate prior to starting new roles, if required (including within clients’ households for live-in roles, or in separate accommodation on their premises).

We take our role in the support of good practice seriously for our employees, clients and candidates.

We continue to monitor the current situation closely, and will provide updates should the official guidelines change.

In the meantime, stay safe wherever you are.


Hire a Personal Chef


Let’s face it: We are busier than ever. With more professional commitments comes less time to prepare healthy meals for our families and ourselves. Hiring a personal chef allows us to continue to meet our daily demands without sacrificing proper nutrition.
A Personal Chef provides stress-free meals by consulting with you to determine meal options before doing the shopping. They will typically prepare the food in your kitchen, and either prepare the meal to be eaten now, or package it up so you can quickly heat it when convenient. Other benefits to hiring a personal chef include:

  • Customized menus
  • Fresh local ingredients
  • Food allergy or dietary considerations
  • They leave behind a clean kitchen

If you’re interested in hiring a personal chef, Precise Home Management can help you find the perfect fit for your household.

Top Choice Luxury Brand


As purveyors of the finest silver products money can buy – as well as other fine pieces such as stainless steel and porcelain ones – countless domestic estate managers and home owners take pride in using Christofle. Exquisitely designed in order to compliment only those homes with the most refined taste, Christofle offers a wide selection of products to choose from. It’s no wonder the Domestic Estate Management Convention is proud to have the distinguished pleasure of enjoying Christofle as an annual sponsor.
Christofle is an obvious top choice for many agencies such as Precise Home Management – whose founder Andrew Lowrey was, in fact, the 2013 recipient for Domestic Estate Management Convention’s “Agency of the Year” award. As a domestic staffing agency and consultancy that helps place home help such as butlers at appropriate residences, Precise Home Management knows the level of quality clients demand. Fulfilling Precise Home Management’s mission of providing the top estate management services available anywhere is made easier through the privilege of utilizing Christofle’s fine products. Precise Home Management’s Andrew Lowrey eloquently articulated this point when he shared: “The goal at Precise Home is not simply to meet but also to set the standards. By being able to utilize the excellence that is Christofle, I have had the pleasure of setting fine tables in palaces and on yachts that exceed 350 ft. and to watch these tables come alive with such beautiful silver is music to my ear.”

Modern Butler Duties

To many, the idea of a butler conjures antiquated images of British butlers silently lurking in the background. However, the modern butler is more of an all-purpose household manager.

A butler’s primary duty is to oversee the household staff, often at multiple residences. A butler may be called upon hire staff and create their schedules. He or she may also double as a personal assistant, valet, house manager, travel organizer, and even sommelier. Therefor butling requires intimate knowledge of social etiquette’s and extreme organizational skills if required to plan events or host parties.

Modern butlers seeking employment, or those wishing to hire a butler, turn to professional staffing agencies like Precise Home Management to ensure the highest quality in the service industry.

Estate Management 101

Estate Management is a professional career that involves managing one or more household estates for a private owner. An estate manager ensures the all aspects of the household are functional and run smoothly. Duties may include staff management and training, calendar scheduling accounting, and even developing household manuals. Employers need to count on the estate manager to handle problems efficiently and with discretion. In fact, discretion is one of the top priorities of the position and most employers require their managers to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Employers seeking trusted and vetted estate managers turn to staffing agencies such as Precise Home Management. Services include the search and placement of domestic management and staff including butlers, chefs, estate managers, personal assistants, nannies and housekeepers.

The Hospitality Industry


Precise Home Management is a household staffing agency that serves the hospitality industry, which carries many categories within the service industry. The goal is to make sure that people are well taken care of and have accommodations fulfilled. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that strives on people with disposable incomes and leisure time. Jobs within this business include those of operations, which include servers, concierge staff, tour guides, managers, and more.
Although this field serves tourism, hotels, theme parks, and restaurants, Precise Home Management focuses on providing domestic care, employing in-house staff to take care of you and your home. They seek out domestic staff such as housekeepers, chefs, and personal assistants who will give you time to be more productive or to relax, as well as peace of mind.

5 Home Services that Will Save Your Sanity in 2022

Life is stressful enough. This year, save your time and sanity with these 5 professional home services:

  1. Hire a butler. While the traditional image of a stuffy English butler in a tuxedo usually comes to mind, modern butlers perform a variety of sanity-saving tasks such as managing your household staff to organizing events.
  2. Hire an Estate Manager to oversee your properties, taxes, and staff.
  3. Hire a Personal Chef. We all resolve to eat better every year, and a personal chef can help you stick to your resolution.
  4. Hire a Personal Assistant to help keep you organized and handle the all the things you’ve been meaning to get to, but have been too busy to do.
  5. Hire a Housekeeper to keep your home a clean and stress-free sanctuary.

When hiring home services, save your sanity by selecting a trusted agency such as Precise Home Management. They will not only source your employees, but ensure they are absolutely the right fit for you and your household.

A Wonderful and Professional Company

Precise home management is a wonderful and professional company. As a job seeker, I have gained incredible knowledge and mentorship from the owner. He believes in his candidates and sees the true potential. He also has a passion for service and it is clearly evident through his years of devotion. I highly recommend PHM! Thank you Andrew!!! -Anthony W.