Estate Manager

Your Estate Manager is the key individual in charge of a large property and/or multiple properties and is ultimately responsible for the flawless running of your property (properties), including managing all household managers and staff (hiring, training, oversight, firing) and establishing household documents, such as your Household Manual and Household Directory.
The ideal candidate for this detail-oriented job should have a high-level of education, household management certification and/or a background working in various domestic staffing roles in the private service field.


  • Manage all estate staff (i.e. hire, train, supervise, fire as needed)
  • Create and reinforce household procedures, standards and associated manual(s)
  • Manage large projects, purchases and renovations
  • Oversight of all estate areas including interior domestic staffing, facilities/grounds, security, etc.
  • Prepare budgets and accounts for approval by Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Your Chief  of Staff is responsible for managing the operational and financial aspects of your estate(s). He or she is your partner in the effective and efficient management of your property, ensuring that the budget is maintained, and efficiencies in resources and expenditures are prioritized.
This highly educated and experienced individual should possess superlative management, fiscal and organizational skills, always operate with discretion, thrive under pressure and make smart decisions based on solid judgement. Because the Chief of Staff oversees multiple budgets and accounts, (i.e. for different households, private aviation, yachts, private offices, and so on), the ideal candidate must have either extensive prior experience, a background in technology and accounting, and/or a college education.


  • Manage and facilitate budgets and accounts
  • Execute requests from the principals with impeccable discretion and thoughtful work delegation
  • Train estate managers and other leadership staff
  • Oversee multiple properties, including construction or renovations
  • Plan and execute social events, large and small
  • Oversee production of estate procedural manuals


Your butler is a trained, highly skilled domestic professional who oversees all aspects of the interior service of your household. He is, in short, your trusted right hand man who ensures your domestic staff works efficiently, competently and productively as he tends to your personal needs with the utmost discretion and impeccable judgement.
The ideal candidate brings to bear formal education and training and/or a history in private service, combined with an unflappable attitude, so he can easily and confidently anticipate your needs with a friendly, professional, positive attitude.


  • Train and oversee all interior domestic staff
  • Manage all third party vendors
  • Table service, both formal and informal
  • Manage liquor cabinet and wine cellar
  • Housekeeping services
  • Welcome guests
  • Maintain inventories and budgets
  • Pack/unpack luggage
  • Care for valuables including fine linens, silver, crystal and china 
  • Event planning (both large and small) and oversight
  • Answer phones
  • Manage calendars