Estate Security

Yo ur Estate Security professionals bear the responsibility of protecting all family members, the estate and its contents and anyone who is on property at all times. This includes ensuring all aspects of the security system are impeccably setup and maintained, and that the perimeter of your estate is secured at all times. Estate security professionals may also be asked to travel with the principal and his or her family for off-premises security.

The ideal candidate has extensive training in law enforcement and is licensed to operate where your property is and/or wherever your travel.


  • Consistent, effective protection of all family members at all times
  • Protection of guests when on-property
  • Secure the estate and its perimeter
  • Screen all vendors and staff
  • Maintenance of all security systems
  • Travel with principal and family

Personal Assistant

Your personal assistant handles all of your personal affairs with great attention to detail and complete discretion.
The ideal candidate is extremely organized, articulate, reliable and detail-oriented, as he or she handles your personal communications, your social calendar, travel and all aspects of your busy life. A background in private service as a personal assistant or in the corporate world in a similar post is recommended.


  • Schedule appointments and social events
  • Coordinate events and activities with business/office calendars
  • Personal shopping
  • Assist in travel coordination, including transportation, lodging and itineraries
  • Maintain and keep confidential contact database
  • Manage social invitations
  • Liaise with the rest of the domestic staff
  • Plan and execute holiday-related activities, from decorations through card and gift giving, etc.
  • Respond to principal(s) requests

Executive Personal Assistant

Your executive personal assistant serves to support you in your endeavors as a C-Suite executive. As your first line of defense, he or she screens your calls, handles your correspondence, liaises with other parts of your organization and plans and executes projects. He or she operates in the strictest confidence and in most reliable, trustworthy manner.

The ideal candidate is extremely detail-oriented and organizationally minded, with a history of working in the same or related positions, for example as a corporate executive assistant or office manager.


  • Schedule and manage professional appointments and business travel
  • Draft and send professional correspondence
  • Serve as a gatekeeper (i.e. screen calls, safeguard your schedule, etc.)
  • Manage budgets and coordinate with financial providers (i.e. accountants)
  • Plan and execute special projects
  • Oversee philanthropic work
  • Media and public relations, if appropriate

Nanny or Governess

Your professional nanny bears the important responsibility of supervising and caring for the health and well-being of your child/children and their guests. This is a busy, full-time position that includes all activities inside and outside of the home, including managing schoolwork schedules, activities and travel.
The ideal candidate has a patient, caring demeanor, is energetic and flexible, because this is also an on-call position that may include travel. She or he should have excellent communication skills, a college education or degree, a background in childcare-related activities (either previous nanny experience or work in education, therapy or nursing) and be certified in CPR and first aid response.

A governess covers the same ground as a nanny, with one notable addition: he or she is capable of tutoring your child/children, so a degree in education is necessary. If your child has special needs, you may consider hiring a governess who has expertise in special education.


  • Fully responsible for all childcare
  • Arrange activities and play dates
  • Schedule appointments
  • Supervise school schedules and homework
  • Prepare paperwork for school and extracurricular activities
  • Transport children to/from activities and school
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks and/or coordinate child’s/children’s menu with the cook or chef
  • Tidy child/children’s bedroom and play spaces
  • Do laundry (if no laundress)
  • Pack for trips
  • Bathing and dressing children, including ordering/maintaining school uniforms
  • Keep an up-to-date database of all key contacts (school, playmates, activities, doctors/dentists, etc.)
  • Communicate with parents about child/children’s social, educational and behavioral development
  • Care of infants
  • Shop for gifts, school supplies and other child-related necessities
  • Run errands & do chores, especially when the children are in school


Your professional companion is there to help you or an elderly loved one with daily tasks and activities, such as light housekeeping and meal prep, going to and from appointments, attending events, traveling and assisting with shopping. The ideal candidate is personable, reliable and attentive, with a background in private service or may have worked as a personal assistant.


  • Assist with daily activities
  • Driving
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Traveling
  • Attend events
  • Help with administration (i.e. budgets/paying bills)

Chauffeur or Driver

Your chauffeur is responsible for driving you, your family members and any guests to and from appointments, events, work and school in a clean, well-maintained vehicle. The ideal candidate is professional, reliable, discreet and may have a background in security, especially if you require protection for you or your family.


  • Driving
  • Running errands
  • Maintaining vehicles

Ranch Staff

Your ranch staff is responsible for all aspects of the smooth running of your ranch or farm, including the expert care of your livestock. This is a multi-faceted responsibility — one that requires a strong work ethic and time commitment that includes nights and weekends.
Your ideal ranch staff candidate should have first-hand experience and a solid background running the kind of ranch or farm you own, and be willing to commit to the time it takes to properly manage your ranch or farm.


  • Care and maintenance of all aspects of the ranch, including livestock, the property and any improvements
  • Preventative maintenance on the grounds and the animals
  • Feed, water, shoe and otherwise care for livestock
  • Hire, train and manage staff
  • Manage vendors
  • Live on premises for safety and security purposes (recommended)

Property Manager or Caretaker

Your facilities manager takes care of all maintenance concerns, both inside and out, for your home or estate.
Because this position is responsible for repairs, vehicle and machinery upkeep and dealing with related service vendors and technicians, the ideal candidate must not only be a versatile handyman, but he or she also must have excellent management skills, be personable, organized and thrive under pressure and strict time constraints.
This position commonly works directly with the estate manager on construction and renovation oversight. He or she is responsible for the property year-round, regardless of if the principal is on the premises or not.


  • Grounds and inside upkeep and maintenance
  • Troubleshoot issues (i.e., broken sprinklers, faults in alarm system, lighting issues, etc.)
  • Maintenance of pool, tennis court and/or bath house, if applicable
  • Upkeep of vehicles and machinery
  • General repairs (i.e. light roofing, repair siding on home, etc.)
  • Oversee service/maintenance vendors
  • Snow removal (if applicable)
  • Help manage construction and renovations


Your groundskeeping staff works in concert with your gardening staff on the care and maintenance of your property grounds, including all land, shrubbery, walkways and yards.
The ideal groundskeeping candidate should have groundskeeping experience (perhaps by working for a property management company or in private service), be skilled in horticulture, and have a good understanding of plumbing, electrical work, simple mechanics and carpentry.


  • Maintain all grounds
  • Maintain lawn equipment and machinery
  • Manage inventory of machinery
  • Light repairs and maintenance
  • Oversee and/or coordinate vendors


Your gardener should have hands-on experience and deep horticultural knowledge, as he or she is responsible for the overall care and upkeep of your lawn, gardens and grounds.

The ideal candidate will be adept in horticultural topics including the plant cycle, pest control, the care of formal and informal gardens, vegetable gardens and fruit trees and more, and should have a background that includes certifications or a degree in horticulture and experience working in private gardening service or working for a high-end landscape provider.


  • Upkeep of all grounds
  • Maintenance of lawn equipment
  • Plant and prune plants, flowers and trees
  • Application of insecticides and/or pesticides
  • Application of fertilizers and herbicides
  • Caretaking tasks, including repair of fences, paths and installations
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Overseeing vendors, especially landscaping service